And… They’re off!

IMG_8286My braces, that is. Got ‘em off on Tuesday. And it’s been awesome. I got to have gumballs! It’s been so long! I’m not ready to eat a whole apple or crunch on carrots… baby steps. I’ll have to wear a retainer for a while, but it’s so nice to not have braces on my teeth right now. How do I look?

Girl Scouts starts tonight – I’m a brownie now!! Yep. Had my big bridging ceremony last month and changed from a Daisy to a brownie. I even got a brownie to eat afterwards. Mmmm… It was good.

IMG_8309And now that I’m a Brownie, I have fundraising to do. Lots of things to sell this month. If you or anyone you know need magazines, photo products, or candy then I’m the girl to see. All this work and all I get is a badge (pretty cool, huh?). And I also have to be a good helper and do good deeds, like a helper brownie. The first morning, Mom and Dad woke up to a homemade (ok, poured cereal) breakfast and later I made dinner on the grill. And, while it’s not a requirement, I’ve been making a healthy lunch every day by myself. And I’m teaching my brother how to read! Pretty surprising if I do say so myself!

IMG_0434And it’s Halloween time now! We got out the decoration/costume bucket and we found face paint! So, of course we had to give it a try… I think we did pretty good for being only 5 and 7 (almost 8).

IMG_8211Last week for my football game was so cold. (How cold was it?) It was like 30 degrees, windy, and rainy. Ewww. Dad went out and spent a ton of money the night before to help keep us safe buying Under Armor long underwear, hats, and hand warmers. And, you know? The warm stuff worked! We won 26-12! Quite the difference than the week before where it was in the 60s.


We went to Main Street Fest, where my sister danced in front of all the people there and I jumped in the bouncy houses, and we visited more parks. Had some nice photo ops at one park… why not have some fun with a bronze statue. We made to one park for exactly 30 seconds (but it counts!). It was full of box elder beetles and bugs! I do not like bugs. It didn’t take much of my screaming for us to leave. Yay me! (You’re welcome.)

IMG_8270Last weekend was an adventure. Dad said it had a theme. We guessed for a long time. Halloween, October, apples, pumpkins, fall… What could it be. Turns out, it was Octoberfest and there was lots of German food and drink. How about a hayride, too? Selfie time! And then, I don’t know how this says Octoberfest, but we spent the last part of our day eating cheese and crackers at a wine shop. Mom and Dad liked it.

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