Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

IMG_8684Oh, we won. We won! We came, we saw, we won! (Happy dance.)

It was so cool. We played our last game in the big stadium and they called out our names over the loud speaker so everyone could hear. And they played music and we had cheerleaders and Nana & Papa were there. And I won a Trojan football t-shirt. And the best part? We won! It was a really close game – 7-6 – but we came out the winners.

IMG_8589The playoff games were really close too. But all of us listened good and played hard and we did well. We all learned a lot this season and got better and better with each game. Our coaches were really great. I’ll miss them next year.

The weather is turning colder and colder, but doesn’t mean we should stay inside all the time! We took advantage of nicer days to jump in the leaves and visit the parks. So, of the 20+ parks with playgrounds in our town, we have visited 19 this year. Will we fulfill Mom’s dream of getting to all of them before year’s end? The days are getting colder and colder… Only a few more chances yet this year to accomplish her dream.

IMG_8688I look good in makeup. Nevermind that it keeps me busy for hours, I come out looking good. Dress, jewelry, makeup – check. Even the waitress at the restaurant thinks I’m stylin’. Or was she just saying that because I’m an 8 year old playing with Mom’s stuff?

I don’t care, I look good.


IMG_8586Yep, it was cold – snow even! – for Halloween, but that didn’t stop me from being a ballerina. I couldn’t dress like I wanted to, but I improvised. Hand warmers from football came in handy and I shoved them in all places of my costume so I wouldn’t get cold. We made it all through the neighborhood before everyone was done and wanted to go home. I think we did pretty good. And I’d like to thank the big kids who stayed home because they thought it was too cold because we got to keep their candy too. Bonus = us!

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