Jenga Master

IMG_8699Who knew I held this hidden talent? Who knew? All I wanted to do was play a game. We had never played this one and… whoa… I was winning and winning, I don’t know how. I played Mom, Elise, and then Dad and, while I lost a few times, I mostly won (we played the game many, many times).

And, if I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m also really good at mazes. Hard ones even. And we recently discovered that all this video game stuff is pretty cool because I am now really good at building in the game Minecraft. I got some books at the book fair at school about Minecraft and I “read” them all the time. When I get my hour on the iPad, I build what I saw in my book and it’s pretty cool. I’ve got houses, dungeons, fountains, and I just built a rollercoaster. Impressive, huh?

And while I keep saying that Kindergarten is done, I secretly know that this is just Thanksgiving break and I have to go back. Conferences are this week, so Mom and Dad can know how I’ve been doing. I don’t get the whole “break” thing or understand why we don’t have school. But I do like staying home and playing more!!

I am a real chef! I read cookbooks and everything! Really! I went to the library, used the computer lookup myself, found that there is a Boxcar Children Cookbook (whose series I currently love), put it on hold with the library ladies myself, and, when it came in, I found a recipe on my own that I wanted to make. I even helped do the shopping! On the menu last night for dessert was Cherry Dumplings. They were so good! I’m going to have to make them again!

FullSizeRenderWe had a real crafty weekend. We also made Advent calendars! Made them. They look like Christmas trees with all colored ornaments on them, including a star. How’d we do it? Easy. With Mom’s help, she saved all the used Keurig coffee containers and washed them out. She cut out a tree shape from foam board. Then we filled all the cups with our leftover Halloween candy. We set up an assembly line: Mom used hot glue and sealed the cups with tissue paper, I trimmed the edges of the cups, Evan organized them by color. Then, we each got 24 and glued them to the tree cutout. And we made a star. I can’t wait until next week to use them!

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