Duh – ooo – er

IMG_9137That’s how you say “door” (at least that’s how it’s spelled). It kinda sounds the same as “gooed” (which is “good” for those of you who can’t read properly). I’m using all the rules I learned, but sometimes the words are weird. Mom is trying to get me to remember that when there’s two vowels, “the first one does the talking, the second goes walking”, or something like that. My sister learned that in Kindergarten and my mom thinks it’s the best tool ever. My dad just wants reading lessons to happen at a different time than the TV watching time. But I am learning! A read a whole book – by myself – this morning!

IMG_9116I learned another new skill too. I’m really good at games. We got a Connect 4 game at Christmas that we finally opened. Now, we didn’t keep track, but I’d say I won the most against everybody. We did thinking rounds and speed rounds. I had a better track record on the thinking rounds, but I was pretty good overall. Even Mom and Dad! Wanna play? If you dare…

IMG_0560And for those wondering, my football team is 1-0-1. I won one and tied one. That’s better than everyone thought I’d do because this league is different than the other one, and these kids throw the ball. We haven’t learned that yet! We are holding our own so far.

IMG_9109School started at the beginning of January, and we’ve already had four days off – two because we were supposed to, and two because they closed school because it was too cold. I wish it was because of too much snow. We went sledding, which was fun, but the grass was showing. It’s been too warm lately.

IMG_9135Went to my First Reconciliation this weekend. Told the priest my sins, but it’s a secret between me and him (and God), so I’m not telling. I got some Holy Water too. Now, when you need blessings, you can come here. Before the event, we had to rush to the store to get a dress that was more appropriate than the all-black number I was going to wear. I clean up nice – and quick! I really like my new dress and shoes!

And I love all the new clothes I got from my cousin – thanks Gracie!

IMG_9142And then, to burn off some steam, we jumped at the trampoline place. I learned a cartwheel. And a head flip. I think I might want to try gymnastics next. I think I’d be good at it.

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