Going broke

IMG_1152My friend Keegan had a magic birthday party. Then Jacob had a Minecraft party. And Whitney and Elliana both had Pump It Up parties. Cooper had everyone over for a slip-n-slide party. Cassidy is having a pool party. Zach is having a Fire Zone party, and Malakai is having a party too.

Don’t forget Heather’s party where we went roller skating and Annabelle’s painting party.

And there was Dylan’s LEGO party in January, but that’s not part of this bunch.

So, if you’re keeping count, that’s 10 parties in roughly 6 weeks. Mom and Dad can’t keep up.

IMG_1063And there were teacher present’s, a gift for your bus driver, and Gracie’s birthday too!

Oh yeah. I forgot about those. Mom is always wrapping a gift of some sort, these days.

But we are excited for the last day of school tomorrow! I’m going to pamper myself tonight so I can look awesome. I’ve already got my outfit picked out, IMG_1166and I’ll be using a hydrating facial mask from Aveda tonight.

What sort of end-of-the-year things have we been up to? The Girl Scouts had an 80’s dance party. And we had a sleepover in our fort in the living room.

And we rode a dog at the mall.IMG_1072

And it was Mother’s Day. Mom got chocolates and I made a cake (that was really gross and we threw it away, but it was the thought that counts).IMG_1103

And Katie, Kenzie, and Zach stopped by for a visit!


We got Spooners and played in the driveway with race cars. I also got a Starbucks treat one day.


IMG_1044I also had crazy hair day at school. We also had wacky dress up day, USA day, team day, and pajama day. I think that I participated in all the end-of-the-year theme days. I looked pretty crazy on some days.

We played at the park and I lounged by the pool. I plan on doing more of that this summer.IMG_1230

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