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Updating the Blog Look

We are working on a new look for the “Hi Sweetie Pie” blog. You may see some changes, but please be patient as we work out the kinks. Thanks!

4 weeks!

I am four weeks old today, and as you can see, I love to sleep. Here’s me in my bouncy seat down in our basement. Mommy was working on the computer and I was right next to her. It was like Take Your Daughter to Work day, but Mommy wasn’t really working (but she was […]

Family Portrait

Family Portrait 10-31-2006 Originally uploaded by Chris+Amy. Elise is three weeks old today and is such a good girl. She eats a ton and sleeps a lot. We don’t have a schedule down yet, but then… she’s only three weeks old! We’ve had a few big days out too. Blockbuster today. The grocery store yesterday […]

Happy Halloween 2006

Zebra Elise! Originally uploaded by Chris+Amy. Here’s our little Halloweenie! She’s here from the Serengeti to wish everyone Happy Halloween. (The costume looks better on Elise than it does on Buca.)

Elise’s First Days

Well, she came into this world in a flash! Elise Jeanne Carrier was born on October 12, 2006 at 6:18pm. We were in the hospital at 1:00pm and she was out at 6:18pm… I don’t think you could ask for anything quicker. We will add a complete post about the timing and delivery in a […]

35 weeks

35 weeks Originally uploaded by Chris+Amy. Want to see a pregnant me? Here we are at 35.5 weeks. We’re on our way to our last Lamaze Birthing class in this pic. I sure hope we’re ready!

It’s a Girl!

Yes, it’s been confirmed. A baby girl it will be. We’re very excited and looking forward to meeting her, we just don’t know what her name will be. Got any suggestions? 🙂

2nd Annual UNCORK Barrington Wine Tasting

Again this year, Amy is on the planning committee for the Barrington Village Association’s annual wine tasting. Last year was a huge success and it all came together in 5 weeks. This year, there’s been months of planning, hours of meetings and the big day will be here in no time! 45 wines, hors d’oeuvres […]

Seattle 2006

We’ve been back a few weeks now, but it seems like yesterday when we were on a real vacation, as in… took days off work, flew in a plane, ate breakfast/lunch/dinner in restaurants. I have to tell you, it was incredible. If you ever get the chance to see Seattle, go in May and it […]

Week 16…The baby moves!

  Below is the actual iChat conversation between me and Chris at approximately 10:33am.Amy: DAMN! Chris: wha Amy: I got tons of weird flipping in my tummy today Amy: it’s like I swallowed an eel Chris: nuh-uh And that’s how it went. Just as fast as it started, it stopped (and started and stopped again […]