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Going broke

My friend Keegan had a magic birthday party. Then Jacob had a Minecraft party. And Whitney and Elliana both had Pump It Up parties. Cooper had everyone over for a slip-n-slide party. Cassidy is having a pool party. Zach is having a Fire Zone party, and Malakai is having a party too. Don’t forget Heather’s […]

This is going to be a long post.

It’s been a while. Two months. Whoa, a lot has happened. Where do I start? I’ll start. When we last left off, I was in the middle of my indoor flag football season. We finished the season with a record of 5 – 2, or something like that. But we did great in the playoffs […]

Duh – ooo – er

That’s how you say “door” (at least that’s how it’s spelled). It kinda sounds the same as “gooed” (which is “good” for those of you who can’t read properly). I’m using all the rules I learned, but sometimes the words are weird. Mom is trying to get me to remember that when there’s two vowels, […]

Video game crazy

The year came and went, and for another year, I got sick at Christmas. I missed the last day of school. I missed my winter dance recital. I slept through the whole getting-ready-for-Christmas thing. The flu bug hit our house, but only I caught it. The good part was that I was better for the […]

Christmas came early – for Mom

Yes, it’s for the whole family, but Mom is really the one who’s going to use it most. We got a whole new kitchen! We had light colored appliances, and now we have dark (slate, to be exact). I thought it was going to look really weird, but it looks pretty nice. And everything beeps. […]

Jenga Master

Who knew I held this hidden talent? Who knew? All I wanted to do was play a game. We had never played this one and… whoa… I was winning and winning, I don’t know how. I played Mom, Elise, and then Dad and, while I lost a few times, I mostly won (we played the […]

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Oh, we won. We won! We came, we saw, we won! (Happy dance.) It was so cool. We played our last game in the big stadium and they called out our names over the loud speaker so everyone could hear. And they played music and we had cheerleaders and Nana & Papa were there. And […]

Mom & Dad went to AZ and we got nothing

OK, not really. We got suckers with scorpions in it. That was weird. And creepy. And kinda gross. And they got us rocks. Ok, they were REAL Arizona cool rocks – and we LOVE rocks – but they got us rocks. Off the ground. No, off the desert. And the desert is a protected place, […]

And… They’re off!

My braces, that is. Got ‘em off on Tuesday. And it’s been awesome. I got to have gumballs! It’s been so long! I’m not ready to eat a whole apple or crunch on carrots… baby steps. I’ll have to wear a retainer for a while, but it’s so nice to not have braces on my […]

Just chillaxin’

Summer is over! Waaa! But school is cool and everyday we wake up before we’re supposed to to get ready. But… Oh. My. Gosh. Have we been busy. From the last ice creams and pool visits of the summer to dance recitals to the first day of school, and a trip to Michigan too, we’ve […]