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35 weeks

35 weeks Originally uploaded by Chris+Amy. Want to see a pregnant me? Here we are at 35.5 weeks. We’re on our way to our last Lamaze Birthing class in this pic. I sure hope we’re ready!

We’ve moved!

In case you missed it, we moved last month. It was a long, bumpy, slow, frustrating month, but we’re finally all in and making progress on getting settled. Want to see pictures? Click on the Flickr photos and check out Our New Home. There’s photos of most of the house before we moved in, and […]

Baby Showers!!

All baby shower pictures are now posted. Thank you to everyone who attended any one of the four showers in any of three states (MI, IL, or WI). We greatly appreciate everyone’s generosity for all the wonderful gifts! It looks like we’ll be prepared materially for the baby – mentally is another story as we […]