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Kickin’ wit’ da Bunnies

Today was just a laid back relaxing day with Mommy. After yesterday and all the crying I did, believe me, I needed the rest today. Woke up, ate, showered, napped, woke up, ate, played a bit, took some snaps of my fancy bunny slippers, napped, diaper change break, and more napping. Now I’m just waiting […]

We are family! I got all my sisters and me!

Ok, so they’re my cousins and not my sisters, but the “we are family” part is right. Here’s my first overnight trip to Wisconsin to celebrate my cousin Ella’s 4th birthday. Don’t we all look swell?

Two versions of this story

This is really two stories in one. First you will notice that yes, I am in the laundry basket. Why? It was easier to carry the basket down the stairs than to carry me separately in Mommy’s arms. Second, see how I don’t look happy in photo 1? I’m not. I’m extremely not happy and […]

Daddy Runway

That’s my dad modeling the latest in baby carriers. You can see how enthusiastic he is about it. I was dead asleep… it was THAT comfortable. Sadly, we went out that day without it and opted to ride in the stroller instead. (Also a wonderful and comfortable ride, except when Dad takes me off-roading.) Mommy likes […]

Project Runway

Thanks to all our friends and family, Elise had her own little runway show the other day, trying on all her new outfits. Not all of them are a perfect fit – yet – and she withstood the urge to scream throughout the entire fitting process.   Click on the Fashion Show album to see all the […]

4 weeks!

I am four weeks old today, and as you can see, I love to sleep. Here’s me in my bouncy seat down in our basement. Mommy was working on the computer and I was right next to her. It was like Take Your Daughter to Work day, but Mommy wasn’t really working (but she was […]

Family Portrait

Family Portrait 10-31-2006 Originally uploaded by Chris+Amy. Elise is three weeks old today and is such a good girl. She eats a ton and sleeps a lot. We don’t have a schedule down yet, but then… she’s only three weeks old! We’ve had a few big days out too. Blockbuster today. The grocery store yesterday […]

Happy Halloween 2006

Zebra Elise! Originally uploaded by Chris+Amy. Here’s our little Halloweenie! She’s here from the Serengeti to wish everyone Happy Halloween. (The costume looks better on Elise than it does on Buca.)