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Oh yes, Mr. Giraffe, we will meet again.

There he is… Just dangling there… inches away from my grip of baby-steel. Sadly, I find myself strangely drawn to my fist. It’s so comforting that I enjoy sucking on whatever part of it I can get my jaw around. My thumb stays pretty cemented to my fist… I haven’t yet mastered the thumb only […]

I am 3 months old today

Today is my 3 month birthday. I’m celebrating in my fancy sweater/skirt outfit that you may have seen in my Project Runway photoshoot. (It fits a lot better now that I’m a bit bigger.) And we may keep the celebration going by possibly going out to dinner tonight – as long as I behave.  I’m […]

First Day of Day Care

Here’s me…getting ready to go to my first day of day care. Mommy found a sitter real close to our house and I go there every day to hang out and play. (Really, I mostly sleep.) Ms. Kay also watches a little girl named Ashlyn who’s one year old. When I get a little bigger […]