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I’m Officially Photogenic

Yes, I am. Really. Check out my folder of pictures titled 4-1/2 Month Photos and you can see the best of the best of over 60 pictures we had taken at the photo studio. The session started out with me in my fancy blue sweater, then I got all topless for some floaty cloud shots, […]

My 4 month checkup

As you may have heard, I had my 4 month check up this past week. And yes, I did get shots. 4 of them. Plus one more that I had to drink – thank goodness it was tasty or I never would have let the nurse at me with those needles! Ouch! It looked like […]

Updating the Blog Look

We are working on a new look for the “Hi Sweetie Pie” blog. You may see some changes, but please be patient as we work out the kinks. Thanks!

Elise’s Baptism

Do I look different? Not only am I four months old today, but I got welcomed into the church yesterday as I was baptised. It was a busy weekend too… My Michigan relatives all came out to Illinois for the big event and we had a little get together at my house on Saturday. Everyone wanted […]

Bad News Bears and other ramblings

Two weeks in the life of a baby – lots of stuff happens. Starting with the most recent first, I watched most of my first Super Bowl only to be disappointed after the first 14 seconds of the game when the Bears returned the opening kickoff 92 yards for a touchdown. I wore my “teddy” […]