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It’s 70 degrees in March!

Can you believe this? Global warming… It’s not right that it’s this warm when I haven’t even worn all my spring fashions yet and I’m into sundresses! Ok, I’m lying. No sundresses yet, but I could be with these temperatures. So it’s sunny and 70 today and we took advantage of it this morning. Mommy […]

My First St. Patrick’s Day

I gotta say, I look good in shamrocks. There’s a little bit of Irish in me from Grandpa Carrier’s side of the family, so technically you can Kiss Me, because I’m Irish! So me and the family road tripped out to Michigan this past weekend for some home cookin’ and corned beef and cabbage. We […]

Did St. Patrick have a lamb?

So Mommy went shopping the other day and found a cute little shamrock outfit for me to wear when we go to Michingan next week for St. Patricks Day. I wore it the other day to take a trial run in it. But then she found these lamb ears. Is it just me, or am […]

Attention all double fisters!

No, I’m not talking about 2 beers at once… I’m talking about using two hands to feed yourself. Most of you can do it… and now I CAN TOO!! It started out as a little experiment when Mommy noticed I was trying to grab the bottle all the time. Yesterday, she let me have it […]