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Another Awesome Baby Day

By 9am this morning, I was fed, dressed, went for a walk to downtown Cary, went to the local bakery, had a small nap (while on our walk) and played with a whole mess of toys. Not long after that, Daddy experienced my amazing feat of the day… an unassisted complete 360 roll-over. Yeah… I’m […]

I met a puppy

Yesterday, Mommy took me to her work after day care. We hurried through crazy traffic to make it back to ZGraphics just in time before everyone had to leave for the day. They all hung out with me and I got to meet LouAnn’s puppy, Murphy. He was pretty scared of me and hid at […]

I am 6 months old

As of April 12th, I am officially a half a year old. Time sure does fly when you’re a baby. It seems like only yesterday when I could barely hold my head up and my cries were so tiny. Now I can sit up for a minute without tipping over, can roll over when no one’s […]

Easter 2007

Hello Everybody!! How was everyone’s Easter? Did you spend it with friends and family? Most importantly… DID THE EASTER BUNNY COME??? Of course he visited me. He even found me at my Uncle Eric’s house. The Big Bunny Himself (or is it Herself?) stopped by and nibbled the carrot that Ella left for him and […]

When babies attack

AEIIIIII-YAH! I got you Buca. a-HA! You are in my death grip. You will go nowhere until I say so. Or… until you slip out and run away to the bedroom to go back to sleep on Mommy and Daddy’s bed. It was fun for the 20 seconds it lasted. It’s been a pretty good […]