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I can clap!!

Yep. I can. I did it today in front of Mommy and Daddy and didn’t stop until it was bedtime. Matter of fact… I might be in bed right now clapping instead of going to sleep. I really do need to go to sleep though. See, I got this killer of a cold and it’s […]

Happy Father’s Day!

Big day for Daddy yesterday… His first Father’s Day. And I think he had an awesome day. I mean, hanging out with me is awesome ANY day, but this was particularly special. We started the day out by sleeping in a little bit and then having some good breakfast cooked by Mommy. Then Daddy got […]

My Summer Vacation

What a week! Lots of sun, fun and water! And bugs, but they didn’t bother me too much. Three Lakes, Wisconsin is pretty cool. The cabin we stayed at was not “roughing it” by any means. It was a house! Complete with air conditioning, 2 tvs plus a dvd player and a dishwasher. But we were still out […]

Goin’ on Vacation!

Tomorrow is the big day! We’re headed to Three Lakes, Wisconsin for one week in a cabin on a lake. AND we’re going with Nana and Papa and Uncle Eric and Aunt Gina and Ella and Grace! I wish Uncle Scott could go too, but he has to work. Maybe we’ll go on another vacation […]

Happy June!

I think summer can officially begin. The kids are now getting done with school. The weather’s been quite warm. I’ve been enjoying popsicles. And I went swimming yesterday. Yes, summer is here. This past week was pretty neat. My Nana and Papa came to visit and they took me out to lunch with 2 great […]