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I bumped my head

The other day at day care, I was standing and looking out the window and was doing just fine… until I wasn’t anymore. I came down hard to my butt, but hit the window frame on the way down. Ouch! That really hurt. I have a mark right in between my eyebrows that’s bruised and […]

I have a new favorite food

Tortellini. Cheese tortellini. That stuff is gooooo-ood. All cheesy and tomato-y. Can you tell I liked it? I liked it so much I’m wearing it! Too bad Mommy washed my face afterwards… I could have had a midnight snack! Did you think I was going to say cat food? Based on my latest actions (and […]

9 months!!

Here are my latest stats:  23.2 pounds, 28.75 inches and 45 cm head circumference. Those numbers fall in the following percentages: 97%, 85% and 75%. Basically, I’m a fatty fatty pinhead, but I’m sure Mommy said that in a nice way. I don’t think I’m a pinhead. (The fatty fatty is true… just look at my […]

The fourth of July

You know how parades always have lots and lots of police cars and fire trucks and it’s usually really, really loud? You would think that a little bebe like me would be scared and cry. You would be wrong. I thought it was pretty cool. Me and Daddy stood and watched all the trucks go […]

Summerfest 2007

It’s the 40th Anniversary of Summerfest in Milwaukee and I was a part of it for my first time ever! This place is really neat–lots of people, lots of music, lots of food. I listened to a band, ate a french fry, drank a beer (just kidding) and hung out with Mommy and my aunt […]