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Happy Birthday Daddy!

This week was my Daddy’s birthday. He turned…eh. He’s never sure. Simple math and he never gets it right. But he was very happy and got some cool presents. He – and I – especially liked his chocolate cake! I’m happy that school is in session now because there’s kids at day care to play […]

The cats get food all day. Why can’t I?

I don’t get it. Why do the cats have little niblets of food in their bowls all day long and why can’t I? I only get to eat at mealtimes and some snacks. THEY can eat ALL DAY LONG. It’s not fair. And what if I said I really didn’t want to eat it… just […]

If the heat doesn’t kill you, the humidity will

Hoo boy… was it a hot one this week. Didn’t go out to play much because I would have melted. For real! Mommy did take me for a walk on the one day that it was below 80 degrees. I think it was the first time I was outside all week. Real quiet week around […]

Sandbox Fun

Playing in the sand was lots of fun this week! I liked it so much that I brought a lot of it home with me, as did Mommy and Daddy. They’re still brushing it off the couch! LOL! What’s funnier is that I’m going to make them take me there ALL THE TIME now. This […]