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I am a master gardener

I have discovered that I am really interested in all vegetation. Things that grow, have leaves, grow from the ground. They are fascinating. Take for instance, the little park by my house… there’s swings, sand and slides, but I like to sit next to the tree and dig up all the wood chips to see the […]

I have a hole in my heart, but I’m okay

Yes, it’s true. I have a hole in my heart. But before I tell you all about it, you need to know that I’m fine and a very good growing healthy girl. No need to worry. So what it’s called is an ASD – atrial septal defect. It’s a hole between the right and left […]

Uh-oh — my new "word"

“Uh-oh” is not technically a word… more like and exclamation… So that’s how we’re treating it here. It is not my first word, but my first exclamation where I think I know what I’m saying. And I say it a lot. When my cup falls on the floor. When I drop my cup on the […]

Summer’s over, but the fun continues

It was a short week with Mommy and Daddy home for Labor Day, and it was a busy one. All the work people had to do 5 days of work into 4, so it made for long days. Daddy got sick too (he says he blames me for giving it to him, but how can […]

I love toys!

I have some really great parents and family and friends… because I have some of the coolest toys ever! The best part is that there are toys in just about every room of the house, so no matter where I am… there’s something to play with. I got toys that make noise and stuffed animals […]