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Autumn is nice

Mommy’s favorite season is autumn, and I think mine is too. Crisp cold air, but warm enough to still play outside… That’s my kind of weather too. We’ve been experiencing mid-60s temperatures and sunny, so playing outside for a while has been very fun. The other day we were all outside with the neighbors tossing […]

I’ve got jobs now that I’m one

Mommy put me to work this week. My first job is to feed the kitties. They get food two times a day. We keep their food in the pantry at my level, so it’s pretty easy to get it out. I need help pouring the food into the dishes, and that’s where Mommy comes in to help. […]

I am one years old

Today is my birthday… and what a day it was! Morning presents and breakfast treats. Day care birthday party. More presents at night. And a cake! Wow! Birthdays are just the best! Instead of talking about it, check out the pictures: This is at day care. That’s Ava and she’s real jealous of my cupcake. […]

I’m not one yet, but I can still have my party

It was so cool! Mommy and Daddy took me to the apple orchard and Nana and Papa, my uncle Scott and Uncle Eric, Aunt Gina and Ella and Grace were there too! We all had lunch and I showed them my angry face when they wouldn’t let me eat my cupcake (sorry I dropped it […]