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Sick and purple crayons

We spent every day this week at the train station. Daddy has been going downtown for work and me and Mommy drop him off in the morning and we pick him up at night. Sometimes I go in my pajamas, but mostly this week I was dressed. I was waking up early because I’ve been […]

Yeah, that’s right. I’m a rockstar.

Yo. ‘Lise here. Yeah, I’m takin’ precious time out to talk to y’all even tho I have a very busy sched-u-al, being a rockstar ‘ya know. I got places to go and peeps to see. Yeah, man. I do. Seriously! Ok, fine. Mommy tricked my hair out and I got an attitude. The look has […]

Spring in January

That’s what you get when it’s a few days at 40+ degrees. Grass looks green, birds chirp and you get lots and lots of fat yucky worms on your driveway. It’s the worms in particular that are the most interesting. Why won’t Mommy let me touch them? And all this wacky weather has made our […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! 2008 has been great so far, but it’s time to reflect on the past 365 days. I have spent one whole year on the Internet with Mommy taking a picture of me every day. I have my own folder on our Flickr page so you can see how much I’ve grown. […]