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Lunar eclipse

Did everyone see the lunar eclipse the other night? Was it cool? I wouldn’t know… I had to go to bed. So what if I’m only one and have to go to bed at 7:30!? Who cares that I need my sleep and have to get up to go to daycare in the morning!? This […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

This crazy weather. Snowed-in one week… monsoon the next. Our house sounds like it’s under attack every time a chunk of snow or an icicle melts and crashes off the house. Today it’s supposed to rain all day and then get snow tonight and tomorrow. Then it’s going to be super cold. I don’t get […]

Snow Day!!

This week we got snowed on… a lot! Like a foot of snow! It was as deep as my tummy and was really hard to walk in. We played outside for a long time because all three of us were home for the day. It was fun! We did laundry, colored valentines, watched tv shows […]


I love bathtime. I love the water, the bubbles, the toys. It’s fun to splash too. It’s funny when Mommy gets wet. I even like getting ready for the bath! I have to run from my bedroom to the bath with no clothes on. (Sometimes I don’t go straight to the bath…sometimes I run all […]