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Just plain play days

It’s been a quiet week overall. Mommy was sick. Then Nana and Papa came. And most of the kids at day care were on spring break. I was just happy to hang out and play with all my toys… and the occasional ketchup. If you’ve been avid readers of my blog, you’ll know that I’m […]

Happy Easter

I don’t much remember last Easter (if you recall, I cut my finger on a soda can with the first owie of my life), but I really like the Easter Bunny! That guy is awesome! Not only did he come to my house, but he left me presents at Nana & Papa’s house AND at […]

My new table

Today, Mommy and me went to this really big store, IKEA. The store was so big and we were there so long that I went through one diaper change AND lunch (macaroni and cheese… it was awesome). We walked around and looked at lots of stuff. We spent the most time in the kid section […]

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Today is Mommy’s birthday and we celebrated in a BIG WAY. We went to a cool children’s museum in Milwaukee with my Nana and Papa and my Aunt, Uncles and cousins. This place was SO COOL! I pretended I was grocery shopping (Daddy helped me pick out some Usinger’s bratwurst); I got to “drive” a […]

A trip to the Easter Bunny

Yesterday we went to the mall and saw the Easter Bunny. He seemed pretty nice. Very quiet. I didn’t freak out like when I saw Santa… maybe the big ears made him less scary. Still, I didn’t want to hang out with him too long. I was ready to go right away. The temperatures have […]