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Happy Memorial Day!

I’ve got on my red, white and blue and all ready to barbeque! (Hey – that rhymed!) Pretty good weekend so far – went to WI with Mommy and got to see my cousins for a while. Ella and Grace’s great-grandma passed away and we got to send balloons to heaven for her. Afterwards, we […]

"Buca, shut up!"

Yes. I said it. Matter of fact, I’ve said it quite a few times. When my parents say it as much as they do, you kind of pick it up. And today, I didn’t even need a prompt… Buca was whining and crying and I told her to shut up. Daddy thought it was hilarious. […]

Happy Mother’s Day 2008

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there… especially my Mommy! Me and Daddy got her two really cool presents this year: a necklace that says “maman je t’aime” (“Mom, I love you” in French) and an engraved key chain with a locket. Mommy says she’s going to put pictures of me in it. […]

Carriers in Chicago

Pretty cool week this week… Weather turned out nice, and we got a day off to spend in Chicago with Daddy’s sisters, Linda and Diane, and my cousin Mallory. It was lots fun, but really cold that day. First, me went to Daddy’s work to see his office and have lunch at the Merchandise Mart. […]