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Strawberry shortcake

I just got back from Wisconsin and boy am I tired! See, I played and played so much with Nana and Papa that I didn’t want to go to sleep, even though I needed it. Mommy and me went up to visit on Thursday. I stayed and played while Mommy and Aunt Andrea went to […]

Quiet week

After the tons of stuff that we did last weekend, it was nice to be home and have it nice and quiet. Daddy went to Seattle for work and we missed him lots. We talked to him a lot on the phone. Even sent him photos of stuff we were doing – like shopping at […]

Birthdays, weddings, Father’s Day… Oh my!

It has been one whirlwind week, let me tell you… I’ve been going and going and going! Mommy downloaded over 150 pictures that she took from last Sunday to today. I must have been being super cute to get so many pictures taken of me. Oh. She just told me that being super cute wasn’t […]

A Fig Newton almost killed me

That’s right! There I was… enjoying a post-lunch tasty treat that my mommy gave to me and – all of a sudden – PANIC! I dropped the rest of the cookie, shoved as many fingers in my mouth as I could and tried to pry the gooey, fig-newtony goodness that had plastered itself to the […]

Happy June

And a happy start to summer. Time for white shoes, capri pants, sandals and flip flops (but I call them “plip plops” because that’s just what I like better). This weekend was a perfect way to start… very sunny and 80 degrees. I played in the sandbox and on the swings. I am also very […]