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‘Cation with Ella and Gracie

I finally went on vacation! It wasn’t for very long – only the weekend – but I’m only one so a weekend is a long time to me. We got to see all of Nana’s brothers and sisters and my cousins and even more cousins I forgot I had. We went to the beach and […]

First Haircut

You will not believe all the fun stuff I did this week. First, Daddy showed me how to use the sprayer. He may regret this one day, but we had tons and tons of fun the other night in the driveway. It started out by just rinsing off my sticky hands… but then turned into […]

Close the window!

Mommy! Close the window! It’s messing up my hair. Mommy says that I sound like my Uncle Eric when I say that. But I can’t help it. When you have beautiful golden strawberry hair like mine, I don’t want it to get in my face with the car windows blowing it all around. And I’m […]

PB&M – Peanut Butter and Meat sandwich

I know… it sounds gross. But see, I’ve taken an aversion to meat lately and spit it out even when it’s hidden in a casserole. Nana says I’m a vegetarian. I even say that I’m a begetarian (yes, I say it Begetarian). But I know what jelly is and that it’s sweet and yummy. In […]