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Happy Birthday Daddy!

Friday was Daddy’s birthday, and me and Mommy spent most of the week getting ready for it. We had to go shopping, then we had to hide the presents, then we had to wrap them. And you can’t have a birthday without cake! So we made special lemon cupcakes for him. He liked them a […]

Thomas the Train!

Yesterday was the coolest! Ever! I haven’t stopped talking about it yet. I met Thomas the Train! I did! I even got to go on a train ride. Me and Mommy and Daddy all had a great time. Thomas the Train came to the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, Il. He brought with him Sir […]

Daddy went to Idaho and I got a stuffed potato

I nicknamed him Tater because that’s a cute name, and he’s a cute potater. Me and Mommy missed Daddy – he was gone 4 days! We were real happy when we got home Wednesday after work and he was already here. It was nice to tell him about all the stuff that happened while he […]

What? You don’t like art?

I am an artiste! I am a child art prodigy! How dare you stifle my creativity! And brown was my favorite color that day. Watch out Mommy… Next time it may be purple! Or blue! And then… well… we’ll see how well Crayola Washable Markers come off the wall, chair, table and floor and other […]