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Just Suck(er) It!

Mommy and Daddy have learned that the best way to shut me up is to just give me what I want. If they want me to behave, I say I want a sucker. We go back and forth a few times – me wanting, they saying no – until they cave in and I get […]

Happy Knee Surgery, Nana

Nana got a new robotic knee today. She told me all about it yesterday. And Mommy explained what a hospital is and why Nana had to go there to get her knee fixed. I talked to her tonight and she said she was ok and that she’d be home soon. And that’s good, because Papa […]

Rainy Days and Hurricanes

Thank goodness we don’t live in Texas… They are getting hit hard with Hurricane Ike. People died and lots and lots of buildings and homes were destroyed. The newsman said that it may take a month to get power back. Here in Illinois, we are getting lots of rain. It’s been raining for 3 days […]

P’s & Q’s

Thank you Daddy. Bless you Mommy. I’ve been very good at saying Please and Thank You lately. I’m very polite. It’s ok if you have to sneeze by me too. If you do, I’ll say Bless You and even add your name, like Bless You Nana. I’m also pretty good at comforting others – like […]

Happy Labor Day

Today is Labor Day 2008. It’s been a great weekend for not working for everyone except me. I’ve been busy busy helping Mommy and Daddy (even Nana and Papa) cleaning and organizing and picking up toys and doing chores putting dishes away and taking out the laundry. I finally got a break today when I […]