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Hula hula

Yesterday was so much fun! Mommy went to some jewelry tradeshow (and got some pretty neat stuff by the way) but I went to Kay’s house because Maddie came over! We played and fed the birds and then went trick or treating! I wore my hula girl outfit that Nana and Papa got me and […]

Daddy in Egypt

Daddy left yesterday to go to Cairo, Egypt. He’s there for 10 days because of work. It was sad to see him leave, but it’s exciting that he’s on the other side of the world and will see the pyramids. He had a long flight leaving Chicago, through Munich, Germany and landed in Cairo safely. […]

Happy 2nd Birthday Elise!

I am two years old and proud of it! We had a great weekend – and a great week too! On Saturday, we went to the apple orchard. Nana and Papa were there, Uncle Scott and Uncle Eric and Gina and my cousins. We had lunch, saw animals and climbed on toys and then picked […]

I love indoor picnics

I really think I like picnics… Eating outside on a blanket or at a picnic table in the fresh air is fun and different. But what do you do when it’s cold &/or raining? Have an indoor picnic!! Daddy went to Seattle this week for work. It was only for 3 days, but it was […]