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I can open doors by myself

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday. I did too. We went to Michigan to see the rest of the Carrier family. It was a long drive, but we made it to Uncle Ken’s house just in time for turkey. Then it was time for ice cream and… ROCK […]

I went on my first sleepover

Barely two and I’m already packing my Tinkerbell backpack to spend a night at a friend’s house for no reason except to have fun. And fun it was!! Kay’s granddaughter was staying over so Kay invited me too. Me and Mommy packed up my bag with pjs and clothes, and threw in a blankie and […]

I love coloring

I like to color pictures. I like to draw. I like to put colors on paper. I like to paint with water on my Aquadoodle and on the driveway. I like to draw with chalk on the driveway too. I like my magnetic doodle boards too – my schoolbus and my pumpkin one. But there […]

"Look! I’m a rainbow!"

Can’t you just see the creativity I have already?? I’m a toddler prodigy! A child genius! I can see art and beauty in the simplest of things… Or I put a towel on my head for attention. You take your pick. I did get to show off my dancing and listening ability this weekend at […]

A very buggy Halloween!

Can you guess what I am for Halloween? Yes! A butterfly! I was the cutest butterfly in the neighborhood full of other bugs (ladybugs, bumblebees)… ok, maybe the only butterfly, but still the cutest. Daddy got home from Egypt just in time to go trick-or-treating and we had lots of fun getting candy – and […]