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This week was the most fun!

Not that we did anything super special, but I did have some great fun. On Monday we went to the library. On Tuesday Mommy saw pictures of baby Chaz (he’s getting big in there!). On Tuesday we went to Keira’s house for dinner. On Thursday we did some grocery shopping. On Friday we baked cookies! […]

Please Daddy, I want a bite of dirt

This goes along the same lines where Mommy and Daddy would call meat “jelly” so I would eat it. Now, “dirt” is yummy stuff that Daddy doesn’t want me to share with him. Specifically, it’s a cherry toaster strudel. I had one the other day – Mommy said she’d never seen “pure joy” before. I […]

I’m gonna get a big girl bed

Well… soon I will. We went shopping today and I looked and looked, but I really just wanted to play with the other stuff in the store. I get the concept of big girl bed, but I don’t think I’ll really understand it until it’s in my house. The salespeople told Mommy that sometimes it […]

Happy 2009!

I have to say that this has been the sickest start to a new year that this family has ever seen! It started at Christmas with me, lasted the weekend and got Mommy, continued over the New Year, and it’s now travelled to the one guy that seemed to have been lucky enough to miss […]