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Sassy, naughty (still adorable)

I am really testing Mommy and Daddy’s patience this week. I don’t mean to, but we’ve all been cooped up in the house for a long time and it’s been too cold to go and play outside (Evan can’t be outside too long anyways – he’s way too little). And then it went and snowed […]

Welcome Evan Robert Carrier!

The title of this weeks blog was supposed to be: “Mommy, There’s a Raisin in My Nose” because, well, there was a raisin in my nose. See, I was eating them and I just put it there and it got stuck. The blog also could have been called: “The Easter Bunny Brought My Big Girl […]

Corned beef syrup

There’s been a lot of talk in our house lately about “modified foods.” You know… stuff that really shouldn’t be food, but we eat it anyways. Like Twinkies and I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter (because it isn’t butter), that kind of stuff. Daddy is trying to promote for more real food and Mommy is […]

Shooshee and computers

Big breakthroughs this week for this very toddler, let me tell you. So worldly and way beyond my years in intelligence! First of all, how many kids do you know who like – nay, even TRY – sushi? Yeah, not too many. I tried it AND liked it. The seaweed was kinda chewy and I […]

I frew up

I didn’t feel so good this week. I threw (“frew”) up three times and had to lay on the floor for two days just watching movies. I watched a lot of my Miffy shows. A lot of them. The dvd starts over again when it ends so it just kept playing and playing and playing. […]