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I don’t smell you

That means “you stink”, or “I don’t want to smell you (because you stink).” I say this a lot lately. To Mommy. To Daddy. But mostly to Evan because he smells like formula and it’s really gross. And then sometimes he throws up and that’s smelly too. Babies smell. To get away from smells, I […]


This week was pretty cool because Daddy was home! We got to sleep late, stay in our jammies, watch fix-it shows, work in the garage and watch movies. We also went to Legoland! We (and a few hundred other kids, some of whom were very pushy) were there to see the Lego city of Chicago […]

I can burp like a college frat boy

Mommy is working hard on trying to document my – current – greatest accomplishment. Three weeks old and I can belch louder than most adults. We’re working on collecting burp footage – a movie should be released soon (I have a lot of recording opportunities… catching the right moment isn’t easy). I also went to […]

No foolin!

April Fool’s day came and went with no jokes. Well, not really. The joke’s been on Mommy and Daddy thinking that I’m a good napper. Once asleep, I can sleep for a long time, however, getting there is a huge battle. I don’t want to go. I stall, stall stall with excuse after excuse. I […]