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I like your hair, Maureen

I’m full of compliments lately. Everyone tells me how nice I am or that I have a cute dress on… it’s time to return some of the compliments. My neighbor Maureen looked really nice today. Yesterday, I made sure that I said hello to Dave. And I always wave to Katie and Kenzie. They came […]

My summer prediction

It’s because of me that Mommy has been spending so much time at home lately (two months to be exact), but now it’s time for her to go back to work. While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed staying home sleeping my days away, I can easily do the same thing at daycare. And at daycare I can […]

My latest haircut

We’re finally at the last week of Mommy’s maternity leave so we’re busy getting lots of stuff done with all of our free time. I needed a haircut. We made a date with friends and off to the mall we went. Haircut, shopping, lunch out… it was quite a day! And trust me… my hair […]

You scream, I scream, I scream louder

This little brother thing is getting old. I mean, he’s cute and all, but all he does is eat and sleep and sit around. I try to play with him – push his baby swing, cover him up with toys and blankets, get in his face and talk to him – but he just looks […]

The color of dry

It’s a gorgeous sunny Sunday here in Chicagoland. Perfect day to get outside, flag down the ice cream man and wash the car. And I’m the perfect helper for car washing because I love water and spraying the hose. After washing, Daddy took over and I went on to play with the hose, splash in […]