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Awesomely naughty

It’s official. 17.8 lbs. 25.5 in. I gained 4 lbs in 2 months and it’s no wonder no clothes fit me anymore. I had to jump up to 9 month sizes – and they’re all pants and sweatshirts because, really, who thought that a peanut like me would need humongous-sized summer clothes. Nevertheless, it’s time […]

Daddy! The music truck!

I know that if I can hear the music truck, ice cream is not far away. Especially if I’m outside with my Daddy… he’s a sucker for the ice cream man. Daddy even has a stash of money in the garage specifically for ice cream man purchases. And thanks to my Daddy, the ice cream […]

Daddy Long Bugs and camping

I went camping with Mommy and Daddy this weekend and boy, was it fun! I was really only looking forward to roasting marshmallows, but it turned out to be so much more. Every new thing I saw or did I wanted to keep doing that. So when we got to the lake, I didn’t want […]

I went swimming in the baptismal font

You bet! It was a little shocking… I was not prepared to get dunked in water by a large man that I did not know, but the water was quite warm and had there not been cake to go home to, I could have stayed there all day. I know my sister would have stayed […]