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Can I have a chill pill?

We went swimming!! I knew I loved the bath, but I didn’t know there could be a bath so big and so much fun! This place was so cool! We went to this place called Wilderness Territory (sounds cool already, right?) and there were three waterparks that we went to (and like four or five […]

A fly pooped on my sandwich

What an awesome weekend! While Mommy and Daddy had their weekend in Lake Geneva, me and Evan hung out with Nana and Papa and had WAY more fun (if you ask me). We started the weekend with birthday cake – Daddy’s! – and then had more birthday cake at another party. I was hanging out […]

Wait for it… Wait for it…

It’s been a hot one this week! Hot and humid. I’ve taken to wearing dresses 24/7 because there’s a cool breeze in there. And what do you do when you wear a dress? You DANCE! We have the coolest radio in our kitchen and it plays all our songs. Mommy has some really good dance […]

Swimming and gymnastics

There’s a baby in my tummy. Why? Because she’s having a time-out. She hit somebody. Her mommy put her there. Where’s her mommy? In my tummy. There’s also an alligator in our kitchen that swims up to the ceiling. It was Saki’s birthday this week. We didn’t give her anything. She’s a cat. I did […]

It’s a party in my tummy

Mmm-mmm. Good food this week. See, I didn’t want food at all… I cried and cried. “Just gimme the bottle,” is what I was saying in baby-speak. It took a week for me to get heard. Mommy stopped trying to feed me cereal and, for a couple mornings, order was restored. Until… I was still […]