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Be quiet – I’m trying to listen to my kid music

I made it to my 6 month doctor appointment, but I did not like it. Do I really have to get shots EVERY TIME? Those things hurt! And you know it’s coming when the nurse comes in and immediately starts to hold me down. And it’s flu shot season… yeah, I got that shot too. […]

Light story, dark story

I am noticing a routine at bedtime. Just when things start getting fun – and sometimes silly – we have to go up and get our jammies on. We get changed and Elise brushes her teeth (I have TWO teeth now! but I don’t brush every day yet). Then it’s time for the light story, […]

I call him “Schmoopie”

I don’t really. He’s “Evan”, but I like rhyming words, so you can imagine (not outloud please) what rhymes with “schmoopie.” Actually, the other day we were saying silly things at the dinner table and I put together “Evan” and “watermelon” as rhyming pairs. Both Mom and Dad were very impressed. It was a shortlived […]

Tubing at sunset

What a fun weekend! And we’re still in the middle of it! It’s Labor Day and we have one more day to play. Saturday Mommy & Daddy’s friend Allison came to visit. She’s a lot of fun. I think she played with me the most. AND… she had a sleepover in my little bed. It […]