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Vegas, Baby

Mom and Dad had so much fun in Las Vegas that they barely even realized that we were off having a vacation of our own with Nana and Papa. While they were off helicoptering to the Grand Canyon and seeing Cirque du Soleil, a comedian and a Peepshow (it was tasteful they say), we were […]

I’m rockin’

Just put me on my knees – or not, I’ll get there myself – and watch me rock! I’m 7 months old today and I’ll bet that I’ll be crawling before I’m 8 months old. I like to get into this crawling position when there’s a toy out there in front of me. I’m kind […]

Happy 3rd Birthday Elise!

Oh, cool! I say that a lot lately… Especially when I get to open PRESENTS! I know my official birthday is tomorrow, but today it was all princesses, music and toys for me. Last weekend everyone got together for lunch and a trip to the museum. It was lots of fun running around in beaver […]

I need to change out of my work underwear

It’s been a sad, sad week. The weather finally got cooler. I am no longer allowed to wear sundresses. I actually spent the entire week wearing jeans or pants. Wait! I wore a jumper one day with tights. Whew. I thought for a minute there that I may have forgotten my dress-y ways. Tights! Those […]