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The countdown is on!

Nothing like a long weekend to get you all revved up for another week. And these next weeks are going to be lo-o-o-ng. Do you KNOW how long it is until Christmas? I have to be good for 4 weeks. Count ‘em – 4. To help with the counting we have a new picture that […]

Crawling, clapping and ker-choo

It’s cold season around here. Bad thing about kid colds is that they happen often. Good thing is that they’re usually short-lived and we don’t complain (except when it comes to kleenex and that nose suctioning thing). And a little cold is not going to stop us from going to a birthday party! Off to […]

Bad baby

I’m not bad… I just like to push my boundaries. I like to see how far I can take it – push it – until it’s not funny anymore. Rolling and crawling backwards into corners until I can’t go anymore and have to cry to get someone to move me isn’t so bad. Being hungry […]

Food coma & Sugar high

I’m hungry. Not a little bit either… a lot. I eat 4x a day and have taken the hunger level to a new high by requiring a 5th meal around 2am. I think it’s because I’ve just been so busy lately, what with rolling and playing with toys and throwing everything (I’ve got quite an […]

The Halloween that almost wasn’t

Ever since I saw the movie Toy Story 2, I wanted to be a cowgirl for Halloween. Actually, it may have been before the movie, but being Jessie is something I always wanted to be. I’ve seen the movie a couple dozen times. I listen to the “When She Loved Me” song all the time […]