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Neither snow nor sleet nor rain…

…could keep us away from celebrating Christmas in Michigan! Going to Grandma’s is always such a long trip and this winter weather doesn’t make it any easier. We even had to do a trip re-do because it was too bad the first time. But we plugged along and Daddy made sure we didn’t end up […]

No! Don’t touch!

Boy, oh boy… Do I hear that a lot lately. No, Evan. Stop, Evan. That’s mine, Evan. Not for you, Evan. What IS mine? ooh! All these toys? All of these new toys I got from Nana & Papa and my Uncles, Aunt and cousins? These? These are pretty cool and make lots of noise […]

I know what I like, I like what I wear

And I don’t care that it doesn’t match or is weather friendly. Sundresses in winter seems perfectly fine to me. I’ll wear a dress with a coat. Leggings and a shirt work in a foot of snow, right? Of course! I’ll wear socks. Pink shirt with pink pants… pink and pink. They match. We’re good. […]

Ooh… Evan’s in trouble

This may be a blog title we see a lot from now on. That boy is into everything – especially the cat food. Ahh… it seems like such a long time ago that I myself was a precocious 9 month old getting into the feline treats, but Evan’s got me beat by a whole month […]