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The concept of “in”

“In” can be a preposition (used to indicate motion or direction, like you’re going in); an adverb (showing possession or going into some place or in style); an adjective (located or situated within, like inside); a noun (someone with whom you have pull or influence); and even a verb (about to suffer chastisement or unpleasant […]

Hey, Dude

The princess costumes are back! Playtime is better than ever! I got a new Fairy dress (Silvermist from TinkerBell’s movie) and when I get home from daycare, off come my daycare clothes and on goes the fairy dress. And when I’m not feeling fairy-like, it’s my old stand-by… Princess dress. I’ve really ramped-up my playtime […]

My mom is Indiana Jones

She’s like a detective finding that last missing sock. She’s kinda’ like a pirate finding buried treasure under the couch or behind furniture (we found a missing piece of my new toy that way). But as Indiana Jones she played detective AND found buried treasure yesterday. I have four new teeth on top. Four! And […]

And now for my latest trick…

I am a magician. I can disappear in the blink of an eye. I also can make food disappear in a split second and make shoes, toys and bottles fly. See me sit. Now see me stand. See me here. Now see me there. Cheerios? What Cheerios? Either they’ve disappeared into my mouth or you’ll […]