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Tired and crabby

Three weeks away from turning one and I still do not have my parents trained yet. I’m full of surprises. Like the other night, 4:20am seemed like a good time to get up and start my day with a healthy dose of screaming and then goofing around. Last week I was sent to a nap […]

One Mommy, One Daddy, One Evan and One Elise

Counting, counting, counting. That’s all I do now. We have two cars. And two cats. I’m going to be four and my brother is going to be one. How old is Mommy going to be? She won’t say. The numbers on the garage at daycare? They are 5-8-2. The tip-toe gym has two numbers: 1-1-8 […]

Things I love this Valentine’s Day…

Elise: movies, cookies, princesses Evan: toys, binkies, Buca Mommy: quiet, flowers, cookies Daddy: coffee, cereal, the Dude Happy Valentime’s Day! I had a pretty great week! I got to have not one, but two sleepovers! First I got to have a sleepover with Maddie at the sitter’s house. Then Allie came to visit us and […]

Quiet. Princess napping.

I’m still having a hard time falling asleep. Actually, the hard part is going to bed. Ironically, naptime is pretty easy. I am honestly tired by 2pm. Oh sure, some days I’m too busy playing and won’t sleep at all or just won’t lay down, but that doesn’t happen often. And I never fall asleep […]

Sleep? What? You mean actually STAY in bed?

The other night we had a “wolf moon",” which in native American tradition is the largest full moon of the year. Because it is at its closest approach to the Earth it appears to be 30 percent larger and 14 percent brighter (according to the National Geographic web site and because I know these things). […]