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I am not a real potato

But I’ve been known to act like a sack of potatoes. Just ask my Daddy. He tells me I’m a sack of potatoes every time I need him to carry me. I know I’m not a potato, but I’ll do anything to not have to walk. My legs hurt some days – even waking me […]


Someday when “Bup” is in the dictionary, it will have my name after it as the originator. It is my first word. Quite original and very versatile. You can use it in any situation, for anyone, to describe anything. You can use it by itself – “bup.” You can use it in a group – […]

“Mom, is that a tooth?”

Then my mom said, “No, that’s a wood chip.” Then I said, “Oh.” So it wasn’t a tooth that my brother was playing with, but it looked like one. Dirty and brown from the garden. Sure it could have been a tooth. I mean, what else could it have been? Seemed logical to me. But […]

This is “Wormy”, and the 2nd worm’s name is “Ashley”

Happy Easter everyone! Hope everyone had a blessed holiday with family and friends. We did too. Nana and Papa’s house was full with lots and lots of people. My brother didn’t really like so many people when we got there, but I didn’t care. There were snacks out and my cousins were there to play […]