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Beauty Sleep

I guess I was tired. Mommy and Daddy have realized that when I get screamy and crabby, the only thing that calms me down is to lie in bed. The crabby times are just before dinner and I usually calm down enough so that I can come back down and eat with everyone. Sometimes I […]

“Beebsie out!”

Yo. Beeb-to-the-Z here. Beeb-Z. Sometimes I’m in. But then I’m OUT. Mostly out… Have you read or felt the weather lately? It’s been hot and sunny and awesome. Every day this week, except when it was raining, we were out playing. It caused Mommy to fret about how to get dinner ready in 5 minutes, […]

Road Trip

We were off to Grandma’s house this weekend. It’s a long drive to get there, but it took even longer because of someone (my little brother) who made it that way. We got home from work Friday night and immediately started packing up toys and putting our clothes into the suitcase. We ate some dinner […]

Tasmanian Evan

The big news this week is that my sister got a big kid two-wheel bike, but I get the headline because I’m the terror. Don’t cross me or you’ll feel my wrath. Maybe not physically feel it, but you’ll be mentally tortured watching me throw myself to the floor to pound my head during a […]

I want to go to New York. Because it’s “new”.

Someday. They tell me that just because it’s named “new” doesn’t mean it really is “new”. Matter of fact, it’s actually pretty old. My town is newer than New York. And my town is pretty cool. Maybe I’d like to stay here. I spent a lot of time outside this week and that was really […]