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Strawberry picking!

I did it! I got to go strawberry picking with all the ladies – my mom, Nana and her friend. Just the girls. I got to sit in the big girl booster seat in the van and we drove a long way to get to where the strawberries were. Mom showed me how to walk […]

Louise Ballerie Carrier Ruby

Introducing the newest member to my baby family: Louise Ballerie Carrier nicknamed “Ruby”. She’s my new baby I got at Target. She eats and sleeps and cries and laughs. She has a headband and her own baby bottle that really drinks. Even my brother likes to feed her. She’s very real. And gymnastics finally started! […]

“Own it, sister!”

I think I’m going to be a singer and dancer when I grow up. Never had a day of training and I’m already quite accomplished with many adoring fans. I should add songwriter too, as most of my ditties are original works that only I know the words and music to. And I can only […]

“Hello Mother. Hello Father.”

Mom and Dad are now “Mother” and “Father.” Don’t ask me why, but that’s their names now. It may be because we’ve been reading a lot of Junie B. Jones books lately and that’s what she calls her mom and dad. I want to be like Junie B. Jones. My mom wishes I’m not, because […]