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’Gimme that book, woman

I’m not feeling good. I have a cold. Or a fever. Or a virus. Or all three. I had a small cough the other night and was just kinda “meh” yesterday. But today, it’s sick… and I’m not taking it laying down. No… I’m acting goofy and silly while I munch on Lunchables and a […]

That’s my bomb pop!

Went to an art fair today. Saw them setting up on the way to the grocery store for some tasty breakfast items (deli bagels and strawberry cream cheese – delish!), and came home excited to get over there quick. They had clothes there for Little Baby! We needed to get back there right away. Sadly, […]

Waterparks, rides and fireworks!

And we’re back! Did you miss us? We were off vacationing at a water/amusement park by Starved Rock State Park. This place was pretty cool – we had our own house, got to ride a train trolley to the different buildings, played in the waterpark, and rode carnival rides and played games in the amusement […]

When I get big, I’ll drink coffee, milk, water and wine

But Mother says no. Until I can convince her otherwise, we’ll stick to juice and lemonade – my beverage staples this summer. And I drank a lot of juice and lemonade on July 4th! It was hot and sunny and nothing goes better with lemonade than a huge, inflatable slip-n-slide! We rented one with our […]