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Dog Days of Summer

Just when summer finally arrives, it comes to an end. Yeah, I know that next weekend is Labor Day and the “official” end of summer, but everyone’s already back in school and the temperatures have been cooling down somewhat so we’re taking every weekend one day at a time. This weekend we took those summer […]

Red Violet rollin’ in

Today was Daddy’s birthday! Oh my gosh – we had so much fun surprising him with presents! He came down this morning and we already had them set up for him to see. It was really cool because one of the presents was in a huge box – the wrapping paper didn’t even cover it […]

Bears love people…

Because they taste like chicken! Get it? That’s so funny. Almost as funny as “uncle-hol” but that’s another story. What a busy busy week! First of all, I went to school again this week and on Wednesday it was Sprinkler Day! I got to wear my bathing suit and we went running through the water […]

Huggle Snuggie

No, I don’t want a snuggle huggie/huggle snuggie. I want you to leave me alone. No wait! I want you to hold me. No, on second thought, I just want to hang on you so you can’t move. No, I said don’t move! No! I’m going to throw myself on the floor. I’m going to […]

If I had a girl dog I’d name her Lola

It is no fun being sick. This whole week I’ve been trying to get rid of my cold. I think my school gave me the sickness. Mom hears that preschool will be my immunity builder. I’d rather build blocks. My school is pretty neat. They have all different activities in the summer. My first official […]