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I’m allergic to worms

I just spent 6 days at school – SCHOOL! I’m only 18 months old! Do I really need to go to school?Good thing it was only for 6 days because I was getting mighty cranky around the house and got very re-attached to my binkie. I hear whispers that I’m supposed to get rid of […]

Yay Football!!

We got a new football! Daddy and Mommy have been throwing it around while me and my sister play with other toys. Sometimes we have a football game where there’s plays and tackles and victory dances. Today we had a short game of football, but we didn’t use the football. Daddy used me to zip […]

I don’t open doors, I just shut ‘em

Because I can barely reach the handle, that’s why. And I definitely don’t know how to twist the knob to make it turn. I only know that if I push or pull hard enough, the door shuts hard and Mommy or Daddy have to come and help me when I start screaming (because I get […]

Ev-Dog, throw the ball to Daddy-O

We have a lot of nicknames in this house. Beebs, Dude, Chickero, Little Dude – that’s our family. Today was Labor Day and we were outside most of the day playing ball and running football plays. My brother loves playing ball, but he doesn’t always know where to throw it. Sometimes I have to give […]