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The spelling may look funny, but binoclee-ers are goggles that you look through to see something far away. It’s a funny word to say. And my parents get a giggle every time I say it too. I like being silly. But I’m not silly when it comes to dance class. I’m all about paying attention […]

Happy 4th Birthday Beebs!

Happy Birthday to ME! This birthday would never end! I told everyone all about my pirate party this week and we shared all the photos with everyone. I played and played with all my new toys… And then… MORE TOYS! And CAKE! Can you believe I got… a Dollhouse?! It is so cool! My fox […]

Pirate Party!!

Arrrrggg. A pirate life for me! Except I got to be the princess at my pirate party for my birthday. We had it at the best dress up party place and all my friends were there to help celebrate! I wanted it to be a pirate party so that even my brother could come and […]

Don’t bury me in the corn

Today was pumpkin day. We went out searching for the best pumpkin in the county. We thought we found them at a garden store and we were all set to make some purchases, but then Mom and Dad changed their mind. Instead, we drove off out to the middle of farm country nowhere and found […]