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Can you roll my pants up, please?

That’s all I ask for these days… Roll my pants up, please. Fix my pants, please. All of my pants are too long, especially comfy sweat pants. I can’t barely wear any of my pajamas either because the legs go way beyond my foot. And I cannot – I repeat, cannot – go more than […]

Food purist

There’s a phobia out there for people who can’t eat foods that are touching each other: Brumotactillophobia. I do not have this phobia because I will mix my food and smush it until it’s one huge mess on my plate. I do think I am a sort of food purist, but only for some of […]

Don’t call me BananaPants!

My shirt says “Go Bananas,” not BananaPants, you… you… BananaDish or you BananaEvan or you BananaUnderwear. LOL! What? That’s not funny? You don’t see the comedic genius out of that? I’m putting the funny word – “banana” – with normal words that I see. “Underwear” is just plain funny and it goes with everything. Yes, […]

The secret password is Pajama Slacker

And you better know it our you’ll get locked out from upstairs because only I have the magic key and I won’t give it out without the password. I thought locking people out from upstairs was a good thing the other day, but then Mommy pointed out that she could still get to bathrooms, the […]

Hello Earthlings

Happy Halloween! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend of Halloween festivities, but this dressing up thing is getting a bit old when you have to do it so many days in a row. Dressing up at daycare. Dressing up for downtown trick-or-treat. Dressing up for neighborhood Halloween trick-or-treat… I’m done with it. And […]