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The Christmas that Wasn’t (but we celebrated anyways)

It really stinks being sick. And I’ve been sick since before Thanksgiving so I’m really sick of being sick. But what’s worse is being sick on a holiday as awesome as Christmas. There’s so many places to go and people to see and foods to eat and times to share with friends and family. And […]

The best tree in the world

And I picked it out. Me and Mommy went to the Christmas store and picked it out. Okay… She picked it out and I picked out a really cool icicle. No, I wasn’t supposed to eat it, but no one was looking so that made it ok. It was really cold and very tasty. And […]

Boogie Babies at Winter Wonderland 2010

My first recital and I did great! My costume: winter accessories on top of my leotard and tights. My song: Frosty the Snowman. My routine: Do what Miss Robin does and and at the end, yell “I’ll be back on Christmas Day!” Went off without a hitch… the first show anyways. Show two had one […]

Interview with a little brother

Sister: So tell me Evan, what is your favorite color? Brother: <silence> Sister: Ok. Gray is your favorite color. Sister: And what is your favorite food? Brother: <continues playing> Sister: Ah… pasta is your favorite food. Sister: Evan, what is your favorite toy? Brother: <blank stare> Sister: Your favorite toy is my kitchen. Sister: And […]