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It’s not a new game. Peek-A-Boo is like the oldest game known to man. I’ve been playing it since I was born. However, this is the first time I’ve been the one initiating the peeking and the booing. And since I’m still working on words here, “pea-boo” is the closest I can get to “peek-a-boo”. […]


I’m not so much of a sports fan, but I do like parts of a good game. Music, action and cheering. We searched high and low for my pom pons today so I could cheer on my favorite team. We didn’t find them…and it wouldn’t have mattered since my team didn’t win. I did have […]

Why don’t you get crap done?

There’s a bad word in there, but I’m not allowed to say which one it is. I caught Mommy saying it, but I didn’t know what she meant, so I had to ask. Well… I still don’t know what it means, but I know I’m not supposed to say it anymore. Parents are so confusing. […]

Ear surgery

We normally do our weekly wrap up on Sunday’s, but we were just too busy/nervous/excited to do it yesterday. Because today was the BIG DAY! The BIG SURGERY (that took all of 10 minutes)! I now have tiny little blue tubes in my eardrums that will let fluid drain out and get my ears to […]

Champagne and fireworks at midnight!

Not sure what was up with the weather, but it was a balmy +/- 50 degrees on New Years Eve the other night and I was still up at 12 am, running around outside in my jammies watching fireworks and shouting “Happy New Year!” I celebrated two New Years and saw the ball drop two […]